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Abbreviations and additional information

Delivery forms/quality grades

OR = Producer virgin material ORNT = New goods in quality not true to type TT = TT-Compound ® (industrial quality) RP = Regranulate / Reprocessed Material EX = for RP/regranulate

Reinforcing/filling materials

GF glass fiber LGF long glass fiber CF C-/carbon fiber
AR aramid MF mineral fiber TV talc

Impact strength, hardness, elasticity

A Shore hardness A D Shore hardness D sz/hsz impact resistant, high impact resistant

Stabilization/Special equipment

AS antistatic EC conductive FR fire protected GL galvanizable
HH heat stabilized UV stabilized V0/V1/V2 fire protected (UL-94)

Flow behavior/viscosity

MFI Melt Flow Index MFR Melt flow rate MVI Melt Volume Index MVR Melt Volume Rate
HH heat stabilized UV stabilized V0/V1/V2 fire protected (UL-94)


RAL german color standard

Further explanations:

OR = Mostly original/factory packed as filled by the producer, with label and batch number e.g. Makrolon 2805, Noryl GFN2, Ultramid A3K, Zytel ST801

ORNT = New goods that do not fully comply with the manufacturer's specification

TT = PRO-plast trademark for inexpensive compounded proprietary products in industrial quality that can usually be supplied at a later date. e.g. TT-Compound POM TF15, TT-Compound PC GF30

RP = Regranulates from PRO-plast are generally based on regrind from the first processing stage or from virgin material (e.g. black overdyed, colored residues) e.g. regranulate ex Ultramid A3K black 464

EX = The regranulate was produced from regrind and/or virgin material of the named brand/type.

Additional ordering rules

Terms of sale and delivery

We only deliver according to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery (see our GTC).


All prices are daily prices. We reserve the right to change prices at short notice. The listed prices are valid for the purchase of a complete lot. If more than 1000 kg of a lot are in stock, the price listed is for 1000 kg. Larger lots (over 1000 kg) please inquire.

Shipping costs

For quantities up to 1000 kg we charge freight costs. For quantities from 1000 kg we deliver free of charge within Germany. To reach 1000 kg, you can combine several items (only possible if the corresponding goods can be delivered from a warehouse). If you pick up lots of 1000 kg or more yourself instead of having the goods delivered free to your door, we will reimburse you for our overdue freight charges.


Our offers are subject to change with regard to quantity and price, we reserve the right of prior sale. Most of the articles are in our possession at the time of publication and can be delivered promptly. However, because they are usually one time lots, the ability to deliver is limited to the stated quantity! Goods marked \

Test certificates

Test certificates are only available to a limited extent. In many cases, we can provide a quality declaration as a substitute.

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